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The Latexite brand is the US market leader for high quality, user friendly Asphalt Driveway maintenance and repair products. Stocked and distributed throughout the USA by Home Depot and a range of smaller retail chains, the Latexite driveway sealers sell more than 1 million pails per year, and with a 45 year history, there is no product available with a better track record for durability and ease of application.Latexite products are imported and distributed in the UK by Blackjack Surface Technology and are available to buy either online or through their retail partners.

Latexite Asphalt Sealers, also known as Tarmac Sealers or Tarmac Refurbishment Products, are available here in three grades, Sand Mix, Airport Grade and Ultra Max, with Sand Mix being the most economical product in the range through to Ultra Max being the premium product. Latexite Driveway Sealers are specially formulated asphaltic emulsions combined with various polymers and dispersant agents designed to give a long lasting, hard wearing easy to use Tarmac Refurbishment and maintenance product system.

Along side of the Tarmac Sealers, Latexite have a range of repair products from driveway cleaners and crack fillers to oil spot primers and repair compounds, again with the focus on durability and ease of use. The Latexite innovative Driveway Cleaner simply plugs on to your garden hose using Hozelock fittings and turns an ordinary water supply into a power washer!

Four different crack repair products are available to choose from, depending upon the size and severity of the cracks, from the easy to use cartridge system to the unique, permanent hot melt Pli Stix product. For minor repairs to driveway edges and spalled areas, Latexite Trowel Patch is a ready to use repair compound that has unrivalled durability and a proven track record.

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